Add Shelly Wifi Button to Home Assistant

Shelly & Home Assistant

I recently changed out most of my home's lights with smart bulbs before realizing the error of my ways. Spouses, kids and guests do not care about how cool your automations are when they just want a light to turn on or off. I quickly found myself scrambling to find an easy solution that would "tog...

Local Domain Names for UNRAID Docker Containers with Port Numbers (Pihole)

22nd Mar 2024


This is a follow up to the previous post I wrote back in 2022 called Create Local Domain Names With UNRAID and Pi-hole. In that guide, the example Docker container I was using had an internal mapping to port 80, so the set up was very simple. However, many people use Docker containers that assig...

How to Upgrade Your UNRAID License Key

22nd Mar 2024


UNRAID is moving to a new pricing structure a few days after this is being published, so I jumped on the last minute deal to upgrade from a Plus to a Pro License. I'm still a few attached devices short of needing an upgrade, but figured I would future-proof my setup now with a lifetime licens...

How to Implement Continuous Deployment for Your Grav Website


Understanding the core concepts are important as you venture into the world of Continuous Deployment (CD). This section will introduce you to what CD is and why it's particularly beneficial for Grav websites. If you already know what CD is and want to jump straight to the meat and potatoes, use th...

Setting Up a Local Grav Environment with Docker: A Step-by-Step Guide


In this guide, you'll learn how to set up Grav CMS using Docker and Apache. We'll walk you through creating a project directory, installing Grav CMS, configuring Docker, and accessing your Grav CMS instance. By the end, you'll have a Dockerized Grav CMS ready to go.

Table of